The Millennial's Guide to Cooking
An original 36-page cookbook detailing five “instagrammable” recipes for the modern host. The project utilizes a grid and color schema that is consistent throughout in its formula but adapted for each new section, in order to make each recipe unique while keeping the book cohesive as a body of work. The playful quality of the images, use of accessible typography such as brush scripts and hand lettering, and incorporation of bright colors throughout the book alludes to millennial’s craving for over saturation and fast-paced stimulation. In reference to the social media trends that it draws inspiration from, the book includes various references to the current phenomena of seeking out a popular dessert just to take a picture of it (“If you didn’t take a picture, were you even there?”), and includes bullet points for each cooking step that mimic an Instagram “like.”
Adobe InDesign, 36 pages, 1 page: 8.5”x 11”, Summer 2018
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