Our Bucket
A collaborative tool for creating and managing bucket lists, scheduling get-togethers with friends, and creating a seamless way to help people discover new restaurants and activities.
Sketch, InVision, Spring 2020
Research Insights 
A survey composed of 8 students indicated that 87.5% write down places that they want to go in the future. 37.5% of students most enjoyed the prospect of being able to plan and schedule hangouts with friends, while 37.5% said they were excited to be able to find restaurants based off of places they and their friends had in common. The majority of people said their biggest pain point in planning a hangout was figuring out where to go.
1. People naturally create their own forms of bucket lists.
2. People often have trouble finding places they and their friends all like.
3. People have trouble finding times they and their friends are all available.
Enter Our Bucket
Our Bucket is a platform for finding and discovering new activities to add to your bucket list. It acts as a social media platform, allowing you to explore your friends bucket lists, see what places you have in common, and schedule a date to actually visit these sites.
Getting Started
1. A user is initially brought to the sign up or log in page.
2. They have the option of experiencing a guided tutorial or get started right away.
3. A user can create bucket lists based on categories of their choice such as city and activity type.
4. When a user goes somewhere from their bucket, they can rate their experience, giving themselves and others insight if they should go or go back.
Sharing Buckets
1. A user can discover which of their friends is on the app or invite new users to join.
2. They can see their friends bucket lists 
3. With the use of icons, a user can see which places they have in common with their friends list.
4. When both users' location services are turned on, they are able to see places that are geographically convenient to meet up with each other.
Scheduling a Hangout
A user can create a shared bucket with friends, asking others to join them on specific dates and locations. The user can also see their friends' calendar to know what days each are available prior to inviting. In collaboration with OpenTable, the user is able to view menus, make reservations, and split the bill with other users, all in app.
High-Fidelity Prototype
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